Multiplication Bingo — Kevin Barnhart of Calvary Evangelical Free Church

August 5, 2020

Kevin Barnhart has a passion, and if you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear it come through on almost every question. As a matter of fact, it’s actually one of the keys to multiplication.

It’s where multiplication either bottlenecks or accelerates… but I’m not going to tell you what it is. You’ll have to listen and play Multiplication Bingo with us on the Reproducing Churches Podcast to hear what the key was for Kevin Barnhart, pastor of Calvary Evangelical Free Church in Spring Grove, MN.

Here are a few other things to play with for your Bingo game:

  • Church planting
  • Resources
  • Transitions

All of these are covered in today’s podcast, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll hit Bingo with our mystery topic.

It’s the secret sauce of multiplication, and we’ve covered it as a leading theme at our annual Exponential conference.

“You might plant,” says Kevin, “But if they die as fast as you’re planting them after 10 years, you’re really not changing the region.”

Paul had four principles:

  1. Proclaiming the gospel
  2. Forming biblical community
  3. Making disciples
  4. Raising up and sending out leaders

All contribute to sustainable multiplication. Without all four of those working, eventually a movement starts to break down.

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