Have you ever wished that you had an avenue to ask questions to church leaders who have cracked the church multiplication code? Well, that’s what this podcast is designed to bring you – an inside look at reproducing churches who are reproducing churches amazingly well. 

All of these episodes are designed to help your church become the level 5 church that it was designed to be. We know this journey won’t happen over night but the hope is to give you some practical tools in your church multiplication journey. 

When you subscribe, you’ll never have to worry about missing an episode with these church multiplication leaders. So go ahead, subscribe today and start the journey towards church multiplication.

Beauty for Ashes – Josh Husmann of Mercy Road Church: How Brokenness Led to the Blessing of Reproducing 

Over the years, Exponential has had one goal; to help you to become a level 5 multiplying church. We realize that this won’t happen overnight. …

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When Exponential started, it was a lot like many churches. It was a struggling church planting conference. It had a great idea. It had a …

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