Beauty for Ashes – Josh Husmann of Mercy Road Church

March 26, 2020

Over the years, Exponential has had one goal; to help you to become a level 5 multiplying church. We realize that this won’t happen overnight. Change must start somewhere. Where will your starting point be? What will be the catalyst for change for you?

It’s not the same for everybody.

In fact, it can be very different.

That’s because change is very personal.

For one planter, it was the Sifted conference Exponential launched years ago. Josh experienced the unthinkable, not just for any leader, but for any human being. When Josh’s life fell apart in the midst of a church plant, God began to do a deep work within him.

Today we interview Josh Husmann, the lead Pastor of Mercy Road Church in Indiana, a 1,000-person church that has been instrumental in launching 16 other churches in under four years.

But don’t let the size of Josh’s church fool you. Josh has a unique story, but any unique story usually has a unique process that evolved out of it as well. In this podcast, among other things, you’ll learn about:
•Missional outposts
•The importance of starting a network
•A unique funding model

Listen to today’s podcast here and take multiplication with you into your day. Who’s to say what great things might come from humble beginnings in your life? God wants to enlarge your sphere. Perhaps out of pain, and brokenness, death and defeat, will come a resurrection of purpose, and a greater power to see the impossible achieved.

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