What is the church multiplication challenge


Several years ago Exponential began wondering what it would look like to find just 100 reproducing churches who cared more about WHO they were catapulting and sending forward than WHAT they were accumulating and leaving behind. The pursuit brought excitement, even exhilaration, when we found 100 churches who were living out the more that so many of us have been desperately chasing and praying for.  Now, the pursuit is on to identify 1,000 reproducing churches… and then 10,000…. and then 100,000.


Review the Multiplication Declaration’s Beliefs, Commitments and Aspirations. Endorse the Declaration to express your desire to being your multiplication journey.

Every significant journey begins with understanding your current reality. Take the FREE Multiplication Assessment to know where you are and how to move forward.

Make a public declaration by sharing your commitment to lead a reproducing church and invite others to join you.

begin your multiplication journey today!

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