Tennessee Church Planting Network

We are partnering with Exponential to take hold of the opportunity important information about our network to strategically move forward. But, we need your help. Please take 20 minutes to complete the survey below.

You don’t have to be mega to be reproducing.

Every year since 2019, we find 100 new multiplying churches to feature in Outreach Magazine. It’s almost never who we’d expect.

Of the 300 churches we've featured to date we've seen:

a church as old as 1809.

60% started in the year 2000 or since

Suburban, urban, rural, and collegiate are all represented here

We want to know where you are so we can help you grow.

Unlock your churches potential

Move your church forward

don't do it alone

Did you know…

of multiplying churches
have 500 or fewer people.
0 %
0 %
are predominately
non-white congregations.
0 %

Here's How The Assessment Works

The Reproducing Churches Assessment is a 360° look at where you are as a church today so you can make better-informed decisions about tomorrow.


Be prepared to access relevant data about attendance, finances, discipleship, and multiplication efforts.​


Answer straightforward questions designed to help churches of all sizes assess their missional effectiveness and opportunities.​


Exponential will send you links to download free ebooks, videos, and courses curated to support your calling and unique situation.​

What you need to take the assessment.

The assessment takes about 20 minutes. We go deep and get targeted. Most of what you need you can get off the top of your head, but you’ll want to have access to:

Full Time Equivalent Employees
Commitment to Christ Indication

Start the assessment

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