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February 6, 2020



When Exponential started, it was a lot like many churches. It was a struggling church planting conference. It had a great idea. It had a great commission. But it didn’t know where to go with it.

When ex-nuclear engineer, Todd Wilson and Pastor Dave Ferguson were invited to come, they could see the potential in it. They knew that if properly executed, the vision of the original group putting on a church planting conference could have an exponential impact. When this conference was handed over to their leadership, it received more than a rebranding; it received a new drive. Applying much of the rigorous examination and strategy from his professional background of engineering, Wilson, the elder of a reproducing church was able to analyze church multiplication and develop a host of tools. After flying some of the leaders of the largest churches around the country into a room for a few days, it became crystal clear that those leaders were unfulfilled after decades of building upwards, rather than spreading outwards. This revelation helped light a fire in Exponentials furnaces that would power the drive to reverse engineer the components that led to reproducing leaders of reproducing churches.

Over the years, it’s become clear to those watching it develop that the goal of Exponential has not been to throw a great conference, but to transform church multiplication by increasing the statistic of 4% of churches reproducing in America, to 10% and beyond.

Statistics demonstrate that this number has been climbing in the past decade, due largely in part to Exponentials efforts to pour into reproducing leaders who reproduce churches. By shifting the goalposts of how we measure success, that statistic has also shifted.

Practically speaking, the story of Exponential is itself, a story of reproducing.

If you’re new to the conversation of multiplication, or stuck wondering how to carry out the great commission, then this podcast is for you.

In fact, you could say that you are the target audience of the Reproducing Churches Podcast.

Join Peyton Jones as he interviews Todd Wilson, co-founder of Exponential as he shares some of the behind-the-scenes story of the founding of Exponential, and why a nuclear engineer working at top secret levels, would trade it all to expand the kingdom of God.

But that’s not the most exciting aspect of this story. YOU are a part of this story. This one story is the spark of many stories that you will hear over the years about how many have committed to reproduction and changed the trajectory of their lives. As you listen, God will begin to speak to your heart, and many years from now, your story, like Todd Wilson’s, will spark many other stories of others who followed your example.

The goal of this podcast is to equip you to become a level 5 multiplying church. But, it won’t happen overnight. We realize that, but everyone starts somewhere. Perhaps that starting point begins now for you!

Listen to Exponentials Reproducing Churches today!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Reproducing Churches Podcast – Todd Wilson of Exponential”

  1. I have followed the evolution and growth of Exponential since the very beginning and am amazed and praise God for the way He has used Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson and their growth-committed leadership in building His Kingdom. Pray for God’s continuing favor on Exponential and for all those who are touched by this ministry. <

  2. Thank you for this brilliant, honest, podcast. I especially took interest in Todd Wilson’s comment about our mandate starting with receiving the Holy Spirit’s power (Luke 24:49). For the past 30 years I have searched for answers to some of the questions you have also asked. Recently, I have prepared and presented fresh materials which are designed to awaken and reframe thinking in the pews and it is working, even in England where culturally this is the unusual, the thing not done. I’d welcome a conversation with you.

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