Going Bivo As A Multiplication Strategy – Stu Streeter of Disciples Church

April 22, 2020

What if you knew that the only way to multiply as a church would take a huge amount of sacrifice?

How far would you be willing to go?

How much would you be willing to give?

We often hear that multiplication takes a willingness to sacrifice:

  • A chunk of your people
  • A chunk of your budget

But what if it meant your entire paycheck?

That’s the crossroads that Stu Streeter and the team at Disciples Church in Folsom, CA, came to five years into their journey of multiplication.

Desiring to reproduce 10 churches in 10 years just didn’t look possible at the rate they were going.

The overwhelming majority of their budget was going to paychecks and personnel.

The team made a bold move. They decided to model to their congregation the degree of sacrifice that multiplication requires.

It lit a fire in the people there, and Stu Streeter and his team have never looked back. Stu and his entire team are now intentionally bi-vocational planters, a choice that they feel has been a radical shift in helping them catalyze planters.

In Episode 3 of our Reproducing Churches Podcast Series, we interview Stu Streeter, Lead Pastor and Elder at Disciples Church in Folsom, CA. 

Listen to today’s podcast here and take multiplication with you into your day. Who’s to say what great things might come from humble beginnings in your life? God wants to enlarge your sphere. Perhaps out of pain, and brokenness, death and defeat, will come a resurrection of purpose, and a greater power to see the impossible achieved.

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