A New Set of Blueprints — Jeff Leake of Allison Park Church

June 10, 2020

Some people think that multiplication is just the “new hotness” for people who plant. But the reality is that established churches can plant just as well, if not better, than newer churches.

Sometimes, becoming a multiplying church is simply a matter of focus.

For Jeff Leake of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania, his focus couldn’t have been more different. When he took the pastorate there after the church had been through a rough time, he was focused on merely surviving, and not getting too crunched in the process. Church growth would have been nice, but he wasn’t counting on it.

But, the church slowly did begin to grow, and when they hit a space capacity issue that turned into a dead end, Jeff began to seek God like never before. Out of this “sink or swim” mentality, God began to share his heart with Jeff, and focus his vision on something completely different.

You could say that the story of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania is a story of God interrupting a leader’s plans, and giving him a new set of blueprints. Today, Allison Park Church is focused more on its “grand-daughter churches” than its “daughter” churches. The church even has some great-grandchildren because it has multiplied out 31 times in the last 24 years.

This episode’s topics include:

  • How God uses desperation in a leader’s life
  • Creating a multiplication culture within your church
  • Modeling multiplication for the next generation
  • How to deal with the pain when those you send seem ungrateful and hurt you
  • How to know when your vision for your church is “too small”

Tune into this Exponential Reproducing Churches Podcast as Jeff Leake helps refocus our vision to what God is doing, and possibly wants to do in your city.

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