From 30 Members to 30 Churches - Mark Hallock of Calvary Church

May 5, 2020


Exponential wants you to consider making the shift from a Level 3 (addition) mindset to a Level 5 (multiplication) mindset.

But this type of thinking takes faith.

We are told in Romans that Abraham had to hope against hope to believe that God wanted to birth a nation through him.

His body was as good as dead, we’re told. This is how Calvary in Englewood, CO felt in 2010. In fact, they almost closed their doors after shrinking down to less than 30 people. The church was nearly 60 years old.

So how does God take a church from being old, and unable to keep itself alive to becoming a powerhouse of multiplication?

This is a story of faith, and today Peyton Jones interviews Mark Hallock, lead pastor of Calvary Church Englewood and founder of the Calvary Network.  Prayer and the faithful preaching of the word played a big part in what happened. The faith of the congregation was monumental. After growing to 300 people, they carved off nearly 100 to plant out, and this process continued repeatedly.

But don’t underestimate this story. This has been a story of faith, true, but there has been intentionality and wisdom hardwired into this process. Despite the simplicity of what has happened, there’s a lot of missional strategy to dig into.

Listen to today’s podcast here and take multiplication with you into your day. Maybe right now you’re just trying to hold the doors open. Perhaps you can’t even begin to think about multiplication…or that’s what you’re telling yourself. What if beginning to think about multiplication would be what turns the tide for you as it did for Calvary?

Listen in and see what God may be saying to you about becoming a Reproducing Church!

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